Free School Meals

Free school meals FAQs

Who is entitled to receive the voucher?

Following Scottish Government guidance, vouchers can be given to children in P1-P3 who receive School Clothing Grants and all children in P4 – S6 who are entitled to Free School Meals.

Children in Early Years who are eligible will also be supported during this time.  Further details will be issued to families shortly

I think I am entitled for School Clothing Grants and/or Free School Meals.  How do I apply?

If your circumstances have changed, or you have not previously applied for a School Clothing Grant or Free School Meals, then you can apply online at: –

How much is paid?

£15 per child per week.  

What is an e-voucher?

An e-voucher is a digital voucher that you can use to pay for food. It is sent to your e-mail address.

How are e-vouchers issued?

They are sent via e-mail to the main contact e-mail address provided by you to the school.  

What can they be used for?

For food and everyday supplies. Exclusions include alcohol, tobacco, lottery tickets and fuel.

How do they work?

You can either print the voucher, use the e-mail in store or take a screen shot using your smart phone.

Where can they be used?

They can generally be used in any of the following retailers: Tesco, Asda, Sainsburys, Marks & Spencers and Morrisons.  

(The exception is for vouchers issued through “PayPoint” for those the most remote areas of the Highlands where they can be used at retail outlets that offer PayPoint). 

Who are they issued to?

They are sent via e-mail to the main contact e-mail address provided by you to the school.  

What do I do if my e-mail address has changed?

Please e-mail the following information:

  • Current main contact e-mail address
  • New main contact e-mail address
  • Main contact name
  • Home address
  • Post code
  • Contact telephone number
  • Name of school/s attended by your child/children

What do I do if the Council has written to me for my main contact e-mail address?

Please e-mail the following information:

  • Current main contact e-mail address
  • New main contact e-mail address
  • Main contact name
  • Home address
  • Post code
  • Contact telephone number
  • Name of school/s attended by your child/children

Will the Council phone me to ask me for my e-mail address?

No, never.  The Council will write to you seeking this information if required and you will be asked to respond to: –

I do not have an email address, what can I do?

If you do not have a contact email address that we can use, please contact us via the HC Helpline on 0300 303 1362. 

I have not received an e-mail or a letter from Highland Council, but my children already get Free School Meals.  What should I do?

Please contact us via the HC email :

I have not received my voucher?

Some vouchers could go into your Spam/junk e-mail. Please ensure you check before e-mailing

How often are vouchers issued?

We intend to issue fortnightly payment in advance with the next vouchers due to be issued during the week commencing 13 April 2020, and on a fortnightly basis thereafter.

Can I get change if my shop is less than the value of the voucher?

No cash/change is available from these vouchers. If your spend is less than the value of the voucher, then the balance can be used on your next shop with that same retailer, and the total value of the voucher is to be used within 3 months of the date of issue of the voucher.

There are some exceptions to this and in these circumstances,  payments will be issued through “PayPoint” for those in the most remote areas of the Highlands.  Paypoint vouchers are exchanged for cash at retail outlets that offer PayPoint. 

Does the voucher need to be spent in the one transaction?

No. If your spend is less than the value of the voucher, the balance can be used on your next shop with that retailer, and the total value of the voucher is used within 3 months of the date of issue of the voucher.

For vouchers issued through “PayPoint” for those in the most remote areas of the Highlands, the vouchers expire after 1 month

If you have any questions, please contact

Highland Council Helpline

The Highland Council has launched a free helpline to give assistance and to collect details of individuals and community groups looking to provide volunteering support during Covid19.

The single line number – 0300 303 1362 – will connect callers to relevant Council specialist teams and will operate Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm. All calls are free

P1-4 Update

It’s been a busy term and we’ve had a busy couple of weeks learning lots of new things.

We have been reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and found out all about the different characters as well as finding out about adjectives and learning how to describe characters.  We have set up our own chocolate factory in class and designed our own cakes with Mrs Patterson.  It was Roald Dahl’s day on 13th September and we watched a programme all about him and even had an art lesson from Quentin Blake… check out the centipedes we drew.

We have been thinking about our bodies and what we need to keep it healthy and are starting a new topic all about ‘The Human Body’ with Mrs Lawson.

In PE, we have been practising our ball skills and learning to use all the space in the hall using lots of different moves to help us get around.  Mrs Lawson loves to dance and we are learning to do some Scottish dancing with her.


Rollerskating Club

Massive thank you to Anya in P6 and Matilda in P5 for running a super 3 week rollerskating after school club. All of the children had a great time and particularly enjoyed the skating discos with musical requests! Some of us had never skated before and you really helped everyone learn the basics. Well done, you should both be proud of your hard work!




P4-7 Weekly Round Up

This week in P4-7 we have been learning lots of different things and learning new skills.

In PE we have been learning some new games. On Monday we did a joint PE session with the wee class and played rounders across on the field with Ms Hill. We had a chance to help the younger children develop their speed, hand-eye coordination and thinking skills in sport. On Tuesday, Mrs Patterson taught us a great new game called ‘Human Table Football.’ The rules are quite simple, you stand on the white lines of the hall and cannot move from them. When the ball comes towards you, you kick it towards the goal or someone in your team. It was a good version of football because everyone got a chance with the ball and was really encouraging.

We have been carrying on our Plants topic and have been learning about food chains with Mrs Stewart. We are enjoying learning more about this subject and having a greater understanding of this.

In Maths we have been doing symmetry. Symmetry is when things look the same on both sides. We did some symmetry in nature, which occurs naturally as well as some flag symmetry linked to the World Cup. Symmetry is really interesting and we have since begun to see it around about.

We were very excited to learn about the World Cup during the week and did some map-reading linked to this, finding out where different countries are and where it is taking place. With Mrs Patterson, we had a super opportunity to be creative and designed our own kits too.

On Friday those of us not at the Mod did some gardening with Pat. We worked outside helping to do some planting and tidying out the front of the school. Although it was a bit miserable and there was lots of midgies we had an enjoyable time working with someone from the community.

P4-7 Weekly Round Up


We have had a busy week in P4-7 again!

On Tuesday we had a visit from Jammin Andy and a visit to the library. Jammin Andy taught us how to interview one another using a thing called 21st century literacy. It helped us think about the skills needed for speaking confidently and how to get your point across well. We also learned about who, what, why, how and what next when speaking and how this helps us share our ideas. It was a fun-filled day, so thanks a lot Andy.

On Wednesday in PE with Mrs Stewart we did a really fun obstacle course. It was great to practice our pace and stamina whilst completing the courses. The P7s were away on their transition day and had a really enjoyable time meeting the other new first years whilst getting to trial some of the subjects they will be doing when they move up after the Summer.

On Thursday we started a new writing topic in Literacy. We wrote about different competitions that might take place and wrote an imaginative piece linked to this. The whole class had different ideas and were very creative.

Friday was committees day – we worked in our different groups. The eco committee were thinking about how to stop plastic pollution and in our school community. The communications committee were writing articles for the upcoming De tha Dol article. Finally, the learning committee worked with Ms Hill thinking about how to improve the school and pupil voice.



P1-3 Weekly Round Up

What a busy week we had last week in P1-3!

On Tuesday we had a visit from Jammin Andy AND a visit to the library. At the library, Helen read us two fantastic stories which we really enjoyed. The nursery came too and we enjoyed picking new story books for ourselves and the classroom.

Jammin Andy visited the school and did a thing called ‘Readers are Leaders’ with us. We practised speaking clearly with the correct music, speed and volume in our voices. It was really cool listening to our voices becoming louder and clearer as we went. We also learnt some dances using 3 steps at a time which helped us to remember. At the end of the day we shared our dances with the big class and they told us we did well to remember and were very confident!

On Wednesday we had our P1 ‘Bump Up’ day. The P1s became P2s, P2s became P3s and P3s became P4s for the morning. When the new P1 was visiting, we did an Authors Live with Ed Vere. We learnt how to draw Max from his book ‘Max the Brave’ and listened to the story being read aloud.

On Thursday we had a busy day of story writing and PE! In writing, we started writing our own imaginative stories using our super story maps we made last week. In PE, Miss Sinclair taught us a new game called ‘Crash Mat Rounders!’ We played in two teams and used a bat and ball. We had to use our hand-eye coordination to hit the ball and then be as fast as we could around the hall before the other team got us out!

On Friday it was Committees and we all worked really hard to share our pupil voice. Some of us wrote articles for De tha Dol in the communication committee; some learned about plastic pollution in the eco committee and others worked with Ms Hill in the learning committee.


Thanks for reading – P1-3

P1-3 Weekly Round Up 1.6.18

Another busy week in Primary 1-3 filled with lots of sports, visits and creative writing.

On Monday we were learning more about the different planets in our solar system. We worked in a team to research one of the planets on the computer or iPad and wrote our notes in bullet points. Then we had to turn our notes into a bright and attractive poster with lots of facts about our planets.

On Tuesday we also practiced our note-taking and research skills when some of the older class joined us. We were able to decide our topic as a group and were given a role. One person was the “scribe” who took all the notes down. Person number two was the “Tech Whizz” and was in charge of typing questions up. Person three was a “time-keeper and encourager” who made sure everyone was on task. We had to be cooperative and good communicators. Each group made a super powerpoint to summarise their research.

We had different topics:

    Indian Elephants                  Penguins                      Heeleys                      Blackholes                     

On Wednesday we had a fantastic visit to the new school site. We all had to wear hard hats and hi-vis vests to make sure we were safe and could be seen. Kenneth and the other builders did a super job of showing us all round and answered all our questions. Here is what we thought of it!


“Amazingly cool”           

“We can’t wait to go because it’s humongous”    

“Just great”

“It is so nice and big. There is lots of space for us all”

We had one final sports day practice before the real deal on Thursday! We all worked really hard to try our best and realise that the most important thing is to take part. It was nice to meet the other children our ages’ from the other 4 peninsula schools and to encourage and motivate one another too!